Certification Programs

Programs for High Rise Residential & Commercial Structures:

Building code compliant is a fairly basic set of minimum standards that makes sure the building does not fall down, electrical shock risk is minimized, toilets flush, fire prevention standards are met, etc. 

Green Building can be considered Code Plus

And Green Building specific to indoor environmental quality contains guidelines to improve comfort and health to occupants including sensitive occupants such as those suffering from asthma, allergies, and other sensitivities that are prevalent in many individuals but especially in the elderly and in young children.

Certified Mold & Allergen Free building construction protects buyers by ensuring that buildings use industry-best Green Building practices that safeguard against mold and allergens.

Each Certified Mold & Allergen Free residence has been extensively monitored during construction and personally inspected by Certified Mold & Allergen Free President, Dr. Gary Rosen, LEED® AP and Board Certified Indoor Environmental Consultant.

Our program is fully compliant with the US Green Building Council LEED program. We have on staff, full-time LEED Accredited Professionals to provide consulting as well as on-site performance monitoring in the areas of LEED Indoor Environmental Quality (EQ) credits related to environmental quality issues for buildings under new construction (NC) and existing buildings (EB).

An onsite mold loss prevention program with weekly visits and reports provides detailed documentation:

  • That the building was mold free prior to C.O., therefore any mold growth problems happened after occupancy.
  • Excellent documentation is also of tremendous value proving responsibility for losses from water damage during construction ... whether in support of insurance disputes and/or back charges or legal claims against subcontractors for defective workmanship.

LEED IEQ Building Commissioning

Programs for builders include expertise in the following critical areas of Indoor Environmental Quality in design and construction:

  • Mold and Allergen free design and construction;
  • Temperature and Ventilation design expertise for residential units;
  • Sound/Noise related design and construction issues;
  • Energy Efficiency.

Certified Mold & Allergen Free buildings or communities include:

  • One Las Vegas (Las Vegas, NV)
  • NeoLofts (Miami, FL)
  • Blue (Miami, FL)
  • Center Gate at Keys Gate (Homestead, FL)
  • Cali Greens at Keys Gate (Homestead, FL)
  • Continuum II (South Beach, FL)
  • Marina Blue (Miami, FL)


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